8" Buckskinner with Tiger Maple Scales and Saddle Tan Sheath

Hillbilly Knives 8" Buckskinner with Brown Tiger Maple Scales and Saddle Tan Sheath

This series was inspired by the frontiersmen who survived by making use of whatever the land provided them. Hunting, trapping and foraging provided them their needs as well as pelts to trade in town for any supplies they might need. Their craft earned them the label “Buckskinner” and this knife is a salute to them.

This 8” knife has a 4” blade forged from 1095 carbon steel. The blade is then oil quench hardened and tempered in tepid water yielding a durable but tough blade. The scales are made from tiger maple and attached with solid brass pins. The sheath is made from 8 oz. cowhide, water formed to hold the knife in place and then coated with a beeswax mixture to seal and protect. The loop of the sheath can accommodate up to a 1.5” belt.

This series was inspired by the bygone era when frontiersmen used black powder rifles dressed in buckskin clothes and traveled the wilderness. It’s wide tough blade and the brass pinned grips of either tiger maple or antler fit well in the hand and are well balanced. The rugged leather sheath with the leather trim provide an attractive and secure means to carry your knife.
A 8” Total Length knife with a 4” blade made of 1095 carbon steel, forged, heated and Oil
Quench Hardened, it is tempered by reheating and quenching in temped water., this yields a
durable but tough blade. The sheath which has a loop to accommodate a 1 1/2” belt, is made from 8 oz cowhide, trimmed with leather lace, and a snap closure, then protected with a Beeswax mixture.

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Knife Style: 
Overall Length: 
8.00 in
Blade Material: 
1095 Steel
Scales Material: 
Tiger Maple
Scale Stain: 
Scale Finish: 
Sheath Dye: 
Saddle Tan
Sheath Stitching Style: 
Leather Trimed
Shipping Weight: 
3 lb
Shipping Dimensions: 
12 × 4 × 4 in